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I began this blog some years ago and made regular entries for several years. However, I have not been actively writing about this topic lately, although I am still very interested in it and consistently seeking the perspectives of Black friends and even persons of color I don’t know yet (until we talk). I have developed some questions that I ask in order to better understand what they are feeling and facing in their “world” (including what they see in me). As I have often stated, I do not expect the world to change significantly, because it is under the control of Satan (1 John 5:19). The condition of the non-Christian world is summed up succinctly in Titus 3:3 when Paul says that prior to conversion, “We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another.”

As I am now getting “back in the business” of writing or posting the writing of others, here is what’s coming quickly. First, I spent 23 days in the hospital in 2022 and nearly died. After I recovered enough to leave the hospital, I was filled with insights gained while I was sitting with God on the brink of eternity day after day. I developed these insights into a 20-part video podcast series entitled, “Eternity’s Brink.” This series can be seen on my YouTube channel, “Gordon Ferguson Teaching Ministry.” The last two of those addressed racial issues. They will be the next two blog posts on this site.

Second, I asked a longtime Black friend of mine to write a series of five articles sharing his perspectives and feelings. In the next blog post, I will introduce him and the reasons for the series, after which his articles will be posted one at a time. As I will explain in that introduction, one reason I have not written any articles recently is that I believe Black people need to have the opportunity to speak for themselves. Plus, I know many writers, Black and White, have more expertise on the topic that I do. Yet, I have the obligation to contribute my perspective and thus, along with my friend, can provide a both/and approach.

Thus, I am back in business. Please read the upcoming blog articles and pass them on to your friends. Also feel free to contact me through email to register thoughts or concerns. My email address is on the site, as is a link to my main teaching website.